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When you sign up for an event the organizer does not know your medical history, the treatments you may have and many other information that, in emergency situations, could save your life.

The mistake would be to believe that these things only happen to others and not to worry about them. After we agree with you, if it was necessary when registering for a new event to complete each time a medical section, the thing would be tedious … Moreover the history of your profile would not be preserved and thus rendered unusable for tracking.

Yet with our platform a simple, effective and free solution exists; it is already used by more than 300 000 athletes of more than 140 nationalities !

So what are you waiting for?

The QUARTZ solution : 
Creating your health space 
and sharing your medical information

By creating your health area directly from the following link or when registering for an event using QUARTZ services you will be able to declare all your medical information in a 100% secure way.

Thus all the medical information entered (pathologies, serious allergies, medications taken …) and other equally important (your insurance repatriation, the people to contact in case of emergency …) will be accessible in real time to the medical teams of the event that uses SHOL.

You will not then be a simple bib number but a perfectly identified participant and much better supported.

The process

  1. Create your health space either directly here or when registering for an event using QUARTZ services.

  2. In a second step,complete and update your health space at the headings level: 
    – Profile 
    – Medical questionnaire 
    – Drugs

  3. You transmit by email or drop on our platform your “start list” and athletes with a risk profile on your event are automatically identified.

  4. The medical staff can access real-time from their smartphone with all the information you reported.


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