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Like many participants you invest in your equipment, use a coach or register in a gym, monitor your diet by eating organic products but why do not you do regular checkups to see if everything is fine?

The reason is simple, you are not sick so why go see your doctor, get a prescription, go to the laboratory, then come back to see the doctor knowing that the process takes time, travel and advice will not be most of the time logically oriented towards “sport”.

However a regular biological monitoring can give a lot of information on your state of health, allow to identify states of fatigue or possible deficiencies, and of course to detect certain diseases.

In the light of this, we had to develop a simple solution geared towards the needs of elite or amateur athletes, which we did with the QUARTZ program .

The QUARTZ Elite program : 
Go for blood tests all year round

You must first create your free health area from the following link and during your registration select “yes” for the option “biological monitoring (option fee)”

This biological monitoring aims to take care of your health and as such is funded by a donation of 2000 euros to the Ultra Sports Science Foundation  (USS).

On this amount of 2000 euros, you benefit from a tax reduction of 66% that is only 680 euros of real cost for you. It’s a tax cut and not a tax credit; that is, if you do not pay taxes you will not be refunded this amount. The USS Foundation then pays us 1600 euros and uses 20% (400 euros) for other research projects. Of the 1600 euros collected about 60% is used to directly pay all your analyzes in the different laboratories and 40% for all operating costs.

This medical information and other equally important (if the runner has repatriation insurance, people to contact in case of emergency …) are available before and during the race in real time for your medical teams.

This biological monitoring comprises between 6 and 10 analyzes per year. It makes it possible to check as you go along with your hematological profile, your hormonal profile, to evaluate markers of fatigue, to make sure of the good functioning of your liver, your kidneys … etc.

To make these analyzes nothing more simple. You receive an SMS alert and an email that contains all the information you need to perform a biological analysis anywhere in the world. You can then go to a laboratory of your choice with your smartphone, take the blood test and that’s it. On the spot you have nothing to pay, the invoice and the results will be transmitted to us directly. In the 7 days on average after this blood test, you will be able to find all your results in your health area with a comment and indications to follow.

For more details on this biological monitoring you can consult our section Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Le process

  1. You create your free health area.

  2. You contact us via a contact form asking us to integrate the program QUARTZ Elite. We will tell you how to make your donation of 2000 euros to the Foundation “Ultra Sports Science” (USS) but the real cost for you is only 680 euros / year.

  3. For 1 year you benefit from a premium biological monitoring with between 6 and 10 complete analyzes per year.

  4. You can then see all your blood tests and related comments at the level of your health area.


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