QUARTZ Program
Frequently Asked Questions

The QUARTZ program
is also:

  • QUARTZ Regular,
  • QUARTZ Elite
  • QUARTZ Event.

Here are some answers to your questions about the QUARTZ Program and its variations.

The QUARTZ Program contributes to a doping-free sport while offering a unique and 
innovative health monitoring .

To overcome several problems: 
• Some drugs are not on the prohibited list when they should be there. 
Ex: Tramadol, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), levothyrox … etc. which in addition 
to being able to improve the performance pose a high risk for the health in the context of 
the practice of trail running. 
• Misuse and abuse of TUEs. As part of the QUARTZ program, if an 
athlete is sick, he or she heals and does not run. If it runs, it is without taking any medication that 
can help performance. 
Ex: Kilian Jornet on the UTMB 2018 who gets stung by a wasp before the race and who by
personal choice and follow-up of the program QUARTZ did not want to benefit from a TUE for 
steroids either before the race or during the race when its situation worsened. 
• Athlete’s health is not considered in the Athlete Biological Passport (PBA) 
developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. 
Ex: An athlete with severe anemia or a hormonal condition will never be informed 
in the context of the ABP.

To the organizers, through the QUARTZ Event program, and to the athletes through the 
QUARTZ Elite and QUARTZ Regular programs. 
QUARTZ Elite takes the form of an annual follow-up. QUARTZ Regular is a punctual action based on prevention, intended for all runners.

The QUARTZ Event program is aimed at event organizers while the 
QUARTZ Elite and QUARTZ Regular programs are aimed directly at athletes and / or teams. 
The QUARTZ Elite program includes a biological monitoring in the year which is not the case of 
the QUARTZ Regular program; it’s the only difference between these two programs.

A medical committee composed solely of doctors is formed on each event. 
This commission has the possibility to take advice from the experts of its choice. She is responsible 
for interpreting and classifying the athlete profiles, and then giving an advisory opinion to 
the race director about the medical condition of the participants.

The QUARTZ program is devoid of any financial interest, it is set up by three 
independent and non-profit entities . Every year, ITRA offers the program to the best athletes 
in the international rankings thanks to the support of several brands. Brands may be 
funding the program for athletes who are not part of their team. 
The biological monitoring is confidential, each athlete is free to share it with his sponsor and only 
he / she makes the decision to make his public health space for more transparency. 
This organization is unique in the sport of high level.

The QUARTZ Regular program offers every athlete a free, secure, private health area 
accessible online all over the world and only available to 
QUARTZ Event doctors . 
By completing its health area, the athlete allows better medical care in case 
of problems during the race. 
As part of the QUARTZ Elite program, the athlete also has a regular and 
personalized biological monitoring in connection with a doctor and / or specialist able to provide explanations and 

When runners complete their fitness area and sign up for a QUARTZ Event, 
the Race Medical Director can review the participants’ medical records 
prior to the event and be better prepared for any eventuality. During the race, the medical teams 
can instantly access the health space of each participant through the bib number and 
provide the appropriate care, given the reported information (allergies, asthma, diabetes, 
special treatment …). This information is essential for a suitable diagnosis, fast and 

The profiles are classified according to 4 categories: “normal”, “with potential disease”, 
“atypical”, “abnormal”.

It means everything is fine. The athlete can continue to practice his sport without problem.

This means that the biological values ​​are outside the laboratory standards and we do 
not have a history to check whether this is normal or not. Additional analyzes 
are needed. Depending on the values ​​observed, the athlete may be advised not to 
start the race.

This means that biological values ​​are characteristic of a potential disease. Additional analyzes may be necessary. Depending on the values ​​observed, the athlete may be advised not to start the race.

This means that the biological values ​​are outside laboratory standards and / or are 
inconsistent with the results of previous analyzes. Additional analyzes 
may be necessary as well as an anti-doping control. The athlete will not be allowed to 
start the race (“no start rule”).

Yes. If the athlete’s medical check-up presents a serious medical problem, he may not be authorized to 
start the race, whether the origin is an illness or the use of doping.

The Medical Committee can go so far as to propose to the race director the disqualification 
of a participant for health reasons. The final decision belongs to the organizer.

The doctors of the medical commission, the experts of their choice and the doctors of the event 
only during the race, as well as any doctor designated by the sportsman (doctor 
, doctor of a team).

No, it is co-managed by 3 non-profit organizations (ITRA, AFT, USS).

The QUARTZ Event program is financed by the races directly or by the main sponsor of the 
circuit for the Golden Trail Series. The QUARTZ Elite program is funded by the 
main sponsor of the athlete if the annual monitoring is not offered by another entity (ITRA, AFT …). The 
QUARTZ regular program is financed by the races directly.

• The 2016 IAU-ITRA Trail World Championships (76 scans), 2017 (81 scans), 
2018 (102 scans) and 2019 (forthcoming). 
• The Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2016 (212 analyzes), 2017 (282 analyzes) and 2018 (284 
analyzes – in progress). 
• Salomon Races in 2017 (4 races – 71 scans) and the Golden Trail Series circuit in 
2018 (5 races – 147 scans). 
• The Templar Festival 2017 (27 analyzes) and 2018 (49 analyzes).

En tant que sportif vous devez :
– Compléter le formulaire médical
– Déclarer votre personnel médical (médecin) et technique (entraîneur) si existants
– Déclarer votre localisation (pays/ville) et votre planning de compétition sauf si vous êtes déjà
localisé dans le logiciel ADAMS de l’AMA
– Déclarer vos Autorisations d’Usage à des fins Thérapeutiques (AUT) éventuelles
– Déclarer tous les médicaments que vous utilisez
– Déclarer tous les compléments alimentaires que vous utilisez
– Accepter l’ensemble des prélèvements sanguins ou capillaires ou urinaires ou salivaires demandés pour analyses

Registration and complete your health area will take you up to 15 min. Then per month, it 
will take between 5 and 15min to complete your location and / or medications and 
food supplements used. Each athlete performs on average within the framework of QUARTZ Elite 
between 5 and 15 analyzes / year (biological and toxicological) distributed in 50% on the spot in competition and 
50% out of competition.

QUARTZ Elite and QUARTZ Regular are based on the volunteers’ will 
QUARTZ Event is materialized by an article inserted in the rules of the competition that the rider 
accepts at the time of registration. It is therefore a private contract between the organizer and the rider.

a) The QUARTZ program complies with the World Anti-Doping Code of the World 
Anti-Doping Agency : 
Chapter 5.8.3: “Investigations and Information Collection”, all the results of 
the QUARTZ program’s biological analyzes can be shared with the organizations in charge the fight against doping “; 
It is in this sense that QUARTZ contributes to the fight against doping. 
b) The QUARTZ Program is IAAF compliant: 
IAAF 2018-2019 Competition Rules – Medical Rules: 
• Rule 52.1: “Members shall do their utmost to ensure that all athletes 
under their jurisdiction participating in competitions have a state of health
Physics compatible with elite athletics competitions. ” 
• Rule 52.2:” Each Member shall do everything possible to ensure that the appropriate medical monitoring and 
continuous athletes is done internally or through an external agency 
approved. ” 
Medical recommendations competition IAAF – January 2013: 
• Chapter 1, Section 6.4:” In case of risk to the health of athletes, caregivers 
health should dissuade them from continuing their training or competition and 
inform risk. ” 
• Chapter 2, Part C, Section 5:” In summary, the Medical Commission and Anti-Doping IAAF 
considers that prior assessment or periodic participation in health could
contribute to: 
– the screening of the sport population and the detection of 
asymptomatic silent diseases 
– the prevention of acute and unexpected health problems or life- 
threatening events 
– to an appropriate and early management of health conditions 
– to a decision on the possibility of participating in an intensive sports activity; ” 
Thus, the QUARTZ program is consistent with global regulations of the IAAF and especially on 
the item on” no start rule “; regulations under which the IAU, ITRA but also the WMRA 

SHOL complies with the most restrictive international rules regarding the protection and use 
of personal and medical data. 
a) SHOL is 100% compliant with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 called the EU General 
Data Protection Regulation (GPR ) 
b) A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed for SHOL 
c) SHOL is 100% compliant with the EU Health Data Protection and the 
French Public Health Code (Article L.1111-8) known as Health Data Hosts 
d) SHOL fully complies with other national regulations, such as the 
Portability Insurance Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Yes. SHOL is 100% compliant with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, known as 
the EU General Data Protection Regulation (RGP). Since May 2018, with the entry into force of 
the General Data Protection Regulation, there is a set of 
data protection rules for all companies operating in the European Union (EU), wherever they are located. 
The RGPD regulates the treatment by an individual, company or organization of personal data 
relating to individuals in the European Union.

Blood, urine, hair and saliva tests can be performed as part of 
the QUARTZ program.

The doping control will look for the presence of a prohibited substance in the urine or the blood 
while the QUARTZ program is interested in the effects of these substances on the body. The EPO can 
disappear in 6:00 and you will not find any trace in the urine while its effects can 
last several weeks. The timing of an anti-doping test is therefore crucial, whereas it is 
much less so in the context of the QUARTZ program.

The biological analyzes with more than 150 markers make it possible to draw a profile of the athletes. Toxicological tests make it possible to verify that the medications possibly declared by the athlete correspond to those found in his body.

The athlete may receive a request for analysis to be performed “remotely”, that is to say in the 
laboratory closest to its location, as part of its annual monitoring QUARTZ Elite or as 
part of its participation in a QUARTZ Event competition. 
The athlete carries out the analysis requested then the results are transmitted to the association Athletes For 
Transparency which bears the costs of the analysis. Only doctors or experts designated by the 
ITRA medical commission have access to health data and give medical advice on the 
athlete’s results of analysis.

The standards of biological analysis laboratories make it a legal obligation to have to 
verify the identity of a patient. However, if a doped athlete tries to send another person to the 
laboratory, the difference in the biological profile between this remote analysis and an on- 
site analysis just before a competition or the athlete’s identity is guaranteed would lead to an 
“abnormal” profile . Other verifications are possible at a distance such as blood typing and 
phenotyping tests .

The results of these analyzes are 100% reliable. These are the same labs that year-round 
deliver results to millions of patients and doctors around the world. Unlike 
anti-doping controls, in the event of an anomaly, it is always possible to carry out a new 
identical analysis.

No. The laboratory must send the bill to the AFT Association, which will pay by 
bank transfer. Nevertheless, sometimes the laboratory demands immediate payment; this is done by the athlete who is reimbursed within 15 days by the AFT Association.

No. The QUARTZ program does not have vocation or competence to replace the 
national and international regulations in force in the fight against doping.

The QUARTZ program contributes to a doping-free sport through the education of athletes to good 
sporting practices: “a medicine is made to heal itself not to perform”. It establishes an 
evolutionary profile of each athlete to identify possible variations in relation to: 
– a disease, 
– specific conditions (altitude, fatigue, overtraining …), 
– the use of doping.

a) It allows to alert the competent authorities in case of abnormal profile 
b) It allows to educate athletes (prevention)

The QUARTZ program and an anti-doping control are two independent actions, which can be 
complementary, for example when the medical commission alerts the competent authorities 
[National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), International Federation] in case of abnormal profile 
detected by the QUARTZ program . It has already happened in the past and again in 2018 that 
anti-doping controls are organized specifically following information provided by the 
QUARTZ program.

No. The analyzes carried out within the framework of the QUARTZ program obey the 
international standards of medical biology, different from those of the fight against doping.

The use of substances and / or doping methods has 
identifiable biological consequences on the organism under the QUARTZ program. The abnormal profiles identified are then reported 
to the competent authorities and a “no start rule” can be applied.

Abnormal profiles identified by the Medical Committee are reported to the competent authorities.

In the face of the doping issue, a “clean” athlete or a doped athlete will have the same 
common answer, namely: “we are regularly subjected to doping controls”; nothing 
then makes it possible to distinguish them. 
Online dissemination of collected data is a key element that can allow an athlete to go 
a little further in a process of transparency. 
This option of being able to distribute to the general public all the data collected as part of 
the “QUARTZ” program is a choice of the sportsman. It can be activated or deactivated freely by the 
athlete. This is not an obligation under the “QUARTZ” program. 
However, not to “hinder” the athlete in his preparation (taking a drug may indicate
a state of lower performance, a real-time location may hinder an athlete “known” in its 
preparation), the data collected are displayed only within a month. For example, in 
July 2019 only the data of the month of April and May 2019 will be accessible to the general public if obviously this broadcast is desired by the athlete (option enabled).

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