The essential element for recreational or elite athletes

When you register for an Event the Organizer does not know your medical history, the treatments you may use and many other information that could save your life in emergency situations.

The error would be to believe that these things only happen to others and not to worry about them. After we agree, if on a new event you need to complete each time a medical section; the thing can quickly becomes crazy… Moreover no history will be kept between Events, which is essential for a medical follow-up.

With the platform of the QUARTZ Program a simple, effective and free solution exists; it allows you to enter all your medical data once and update them if necessary. It is already used by more than 300 000 athletes from more than 92 countries !

A simple, efficient and free solution

By creating your free Health Space directly on this site or when registering for an event using QUARTZ Program's services you will be able to declare all your medical information in a secure environment. All medical information registered (deseases, allergies, medications ...) and other also important (type of insurance, emergency contact ...) will be accessible in real time only to the Medical Team of the Event. You will not be more just a simple bib number but a participant perfectly identified with a complete medical file, what can save your life ...

A 100% secure platform

Our platform complies with the most restrictive international rules on the protection and use of personal and medical data by complying with the EU Regulation (EU) 2016/679 called the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GPR) and with EU health data protection and the French Public Health Code (Article L.1111-8) known as Health Data Hosts (HDS). Our platform also complies with other national regulations, such as the United States Portability Insurance Accountability Act (HIPAA).

A non-profit goal

Our structure is associative and therefore non-profit. In addition, as stated in our terms and conditions of use, no direct or indirect commercial exploitation is made of your data.

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