Know if your participants
are insured


At certain events, especially those organized in rather extreme environments (mountains, desert), the question of whether to trigger helicopter rescue is often a problem for medical teams in the field; who will pay? Can this cost be covered by a participant’s insurance coverage or if it will remain your responsibility as an organizer?

The question is the same when a participant, especially a foreigner (outside the country’s health care system, therefore) is injured in your event and his condition requires the use of hospital care; will it be taken care of or not? Will not he want to turn against the organizer?

The fact of knowing the level of assurance of each participant is essential, not only for the organizer, but above all for the participant himself who often ignores him or worse believe to know …

The QUARTZ solution : Find the insurance linked to each participant

In all the administrative information entered in our platform, which of course all the details of the participant to the people to prevent in case of emergency, a part is dedicated detailed information related to the insurance of the participant.

Thus before the race, a list of people without insurance or with partial insurance is accessible to the organizer via SHOL and allows him to possibly restart the participants to subscribe to a specific insurance or not to the event.

This same information is of course accessible to medical teams in the field from their smartphone.

The process

  1. You invite your participants to create their health space either from a newsletter or, even better and much simpler, directly when they register on your site with our free iFrame.

  2. In a second step, the participants complete and update their health area and also provide all their administrative information, including those related to their insurance.

  3. This information related to the insurance is accessible to the organizer before the event but also in real time during the event to the medical teams in the field.

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