Manage the exams




It sometimes happens for certain specific events that other medical examinations (but not that) are requested by the organizer. For example, in cases we already know, an electrocardiogram or a certificate of distance traveled in swimming.

It may also be as on certain events to provide all of his medical records (including imaging and attestations) to request a deferral of registration or to justify a cancellation.

Again, as for medical certificates, it is not something so easy to manage for the organizer and especially it can take a lot of time ….

Il peut s’agir aussi comme sur certains événements de fournir l’ensemble de son dossier médical (imagerie et attestations notamment) afin de demander un report d’inscription ou de justifier d’une annulation.

Là encore, comme pour les certificats médicaux, ce n’est pas une chose si simple à gérer pour l’organisateur et surtout cela peut prendre beaucoup de temps….

The QUARTZ solution : An automated management under medical supervision

Each participant can enter in his health space all the medical documents that the organization wishes to obtain.

A medical opinion can then be issued directly in SHOL either by the specialists designated by the organization (internalized management) or by specialists working with us; one of our cardiologists will be able to give an opinion on an ECG layout for example (outsourced management).

QUARTZ is always more simplicity, for a better efficiency.

The process

  1. You invite your participants to create their health space either from a newsletter or, even better and much simpler, directly when they register on your site with our free iFrame

  2. In a second step, the participants complete and update their health area and also attach the specific examinations requested.

  3. Either your specialists (internalized management) or our specialists (outsourced management)are then responsible for monitoring and issuing an opinion on the exams submitted.

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