Manage the race in care




The more medical information you have about a participant, the better your medical teams will take care of it. The language barrier or loss of lucidity caused by fatigue, however, does not allow to obtain all the necessary medical information in the exchange with the participant to see any face to a loss of consciousness.

Similarly, when a participant is medically treated, it is often difficult for him to say after the event what has been accurately diagnosed and the drugs that may have been given to him.

The QUARTZ solution 
The optimization of interventions 
thanks to the QUARTZ-LOGEVER interface

Access during the event to each participant’s health space allows medical teams to save valuable time and improve care.

Similarly, when you do your assessment and you give a drug, the participant can find all this information in his health space for better monitoring and greater interactivity between your participants and your medical teams.

This service is made possible by the specific and dedicated interface of our platform with the LOGEVER application developed by the company DOKEVER (

The process

  1. You invite your participants to create their health space either from a newsletter or, even better and much simpler, directly when they register on your site with our free iFrame.

  2. In a second step, the participants complete and update their health area.

  3. All the medical histories of each participant are accessible in real time from a simple smartphone and the bib number.

  4. Each participant can, from the moment of his arrival, find in his health area the reports drawn up by the medical teams as well as the medications given in case of care en charge during the race..

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