Manage your medical certificates




Obtaining and verifying medical certificates is a step that requires a lot of time and human resources for an organizer.

Moreover, when it is done in the field by volunteers, the verification is sometimes very partial, not to mention the waiting time that this step often generates for the participants.

Yet another solution exists …

The QUARTZ solution : Optimizing the recording

Each participant can enter his medical certificate in his health area. The big advantage for athletes is to have to do it only once if all the events in which they participate use the services of the QUARTZ program.

Then our teams manage the validation and assume of course the legal responsibility for this validation (outsourced management).

For the organizer it is also a saving of time; if a medical certificate has already been validated (sports, mentions, period of validity) during another event, it is unnecessary to renew this operation.

The process

  1. You invite your participants to create their health space either from a newsletter or, even better and much simpler, directly when they register on your site with our free iFrame.

  2. In a second step, the participants complete and update their health area .

  3. Our team is then responsible for controlling and validating for a period and a given sport the medical certificates.

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