Manage your risk profiles




As an organizer, your legal responsibility can be engaged in the event of a health problem for a participant and yet you do not know any of the medical history of the athletes who register on your races! 
You do not know today who in your participants has diabetes, severe allergies or treatment for heart failure or hypertension for example. 
Yet this information could clearly save lives when taken care of by your medical teams.

The QUARTZ solution : A dedicated health area

Via a link sent in a newsletter or better still in a simple and automated way during its registration process (see IFrame space health), each participant can create their free health space and then declare all their medical information in a 100% secure way.

This medical information and other equally important (if the runner has repatriation insurance, people to contact in case of emergency …) are available before and during the race in real time for your medical teams.

Several operations are possible ranging from a simple distinctive sign to the organization indicated on the bib to identify risk profiles until access via smartphone to all detailed information. It is also and above all to show in case of accident that as an organizer you have made every effort to protect the health of your participants.

The process

  1. You invite your participants to create their health space either from a newsletter or, even better and much simpler, directly when they register on your site with our free iFrame.

  2. In a second step, the participants complete and update their health area .

  3. You transmit by email or drop on our platform your “start list” and athletes with a risk profile on your event are automatically identified.

  4. Your medical teams can then put in place preventive measures before the event (distinctive sign on bib) but especially access in real time all this information in case of support of an athlete.

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