Offer a biological assessment


When we ask participants and when they are asked when their last health check with medical tests, we quickly realize that it is often several years, is not it …

Yet a simple blood test can give a lot of information about your health and can identify fatigue states or deficiencies.

The paradox is that many participants invest in their equipment, pay attention to their lifestyle but ultimately very few perform regular checkups to know if everything is fine.

The QUARTZ solution : 
Submit a blood test before your test

As an organizer it is a new service that you can propose to your participants. 
Once this option is offered at registration, you have nothing more to manage as an organizer. 

QUARTZ takes care of everything!

This medical information and other equally important (if the runner has repatriation insurance, people to contact in case of emergency …) are available before and during the race in real time for your medical teams.

The participant who has selected and paid for the option will receive an SMS alert and an e-mail within 30 days before the start of your event that contains all the information necessary to perform an organic analysis anywhere in the world. The participant goes to a laboratory of his choice with his smartphone, carries out his blood test and returns home. He has nothing to pay on the spot. 
In the 7 days on average after this blood test, he will be able to find all his results at the level of his space health with a comment and indications to follow.

By offering this service, you can better retain your participants by actively taking care of their health and also increase the security of your event.

The process

  1. When they register  participants select the option “make a pre-race health check” .

  2. In the 30 days before the departure, lthe participants receive an email and an SMS alert and can then go to the laboratory of their choice to carry out a blood test .

  3. Each participant can then consult his blood work record and the associated comments at the level of his health area.

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