QUARTZ Elite Program

A philosophy of a 100% CLEAN Sport

Some substances that improve performance may take several years to be included in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, just as some athletes can easily use, prohibited substances with TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) by simulating a pathology.

On the other hand, we have athletes with anti-doping rule violations by simply consuming a contaminated dietary supplement or using a medication that they thought was really with no risk for doping. So how to know the true or the fake?

An efficient method against athletes who cheat while respecting the rules or who are doping is to show that your practice sport differently. Regardless of the rules of the antidoping, you practice 100% CLEAN; that’s the QUARTZ Elite philosophy.

Adopt the QUARTZ Elite charter

Before you can register in the QUARTZ Elite program you must first accept the rules published in the QUARTZ Elite charter (available on this site in the "ressources" section). These rules are very simple: during competition no drugs that could improve performance (whether or not theses drugs are on the WADA List) and not any TUE. If I am sick, I rest and do not compete. Just normal...

Get a unique biological and toxicological monitoring

A regular biological monitoring can give a lot of information on your Health, allow to identify fatigue or overtraining, to detect possible deficiencies and of course to detect some diseases. In parallel our toxicological monitoring, search for substances present in your blood, urine, saliva or hair in order to protect you against possible contaminations via food supplements or errors. The presence of a drug in your body should match with what is declared in your Health Space. If there's differences we have to understand why.

Show that you practice "100% CLEAN"

If you are an Elite athlete ( professional or with a minimum of a national level) and if you have selected the option "make public the QUARTZ program data" in your health Space, everybody will be able to see your results. Of course all your personal data (email, telephone, medical history ...) remain confidential but your biological results, the medication you may take, the TUE you may use, the food supplements you use, the results of your doping controls are visible. It is a choice that is made by more and more Elite athletes but it's completely reversible; just uncheck the box and your data are no longer available to everyone. However, if you display, you display everything. We have seen too much doped athletes in the past or in more recent periods put online some data well chosen ... to show that they are "clean".

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