QUARTZ Elite Program

A philosophy of a sport without drugs on a voluntary basis

Certain substances that improve performance may take several years to be included in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Prohibited List, just as some athletes may, by simulating a pathology, easily use substances prohibited by diverting the system of TUEs (Authorization of Use for Therapeutic Purposes). On the other hand, there are athletes who commit anti-doping rule violations by simply consuming a contaminated dietary supplement or using a drug that they thought was really benign for their treatment.
So how to untie the truth from the fake? An effective weapon against these sportsmen who cheat while respecting the rules is to show that your approach to the sport is different and that regardless of the rules of the fight against doping, you practice anyway without medication; that’s the QUARTZ Elite philosophy.

Adopt the QUARTZ Elite charter

Before you can register in the QUARTZ Elite program you must first accept the rules published in the QUARTZ Elite charter (available on this site in the "resource" section). These rules are ultimately very simple, during competition no drugs that could improve performance (whether or not this drug is listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List) or any Therapeutic Use Authorization ( AUT) is not allowed. If I am sick, I treat myself and do not participate in the competition. Just common sense ...

Benefit from optimal biological and toxicological monitoring

A regular biological monitoring can give a lot of information on your state of health, allow to identify states of fatigue or overtraining, to detect possible deficiencies and of course to detect certain diseases. In parallel our toxicological monitoring, that is to say the search for substances present in your blood, urine, saliva or hair protects you against possible contaminations via food supplements or errors. The presence of a drug in your body should match what is declared in your health area; in case of difference we will have to understand why.

Show that you practice "clean"

If you are an elite athlete (that is to say a professional athlete or justifying a level of practice at least national in your sport) and if you have selected the option "biological monitoring", by clicking on "make public the QUARTZ program data in your health area, the general public will be able to consult the results of your profile. Of course all your personal data (email, telephone, medical history ...) remain confidential but the results of your analyzes, the medicines or TUEs you use, the food supplements you take and the results of your doping tests are visible to all. . It is a choice that is made by more and more elite athletes and is completely reversible; just uncheck the box and your data are no longer available to everyone. However, if you broadcast, you broadcast everything. We have seen too much in the past, and always see doped athletes uploading some hand-picked data to fool us again into believing they are "clean".

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