QUARTZ Event Program

A real commitment to preserve participant's Health and contribute to a CLEAN sport

The QUARTZ Event Program includes of course all the services related to the safety of the QUARTZ Protect Program but in addition it protects the Ethics of your competition.

The QUARTZ Event Program allows to offer a medical check-up before the competition from biological analyzes. The goal of this medical check-up is twofold; check first that all the athlete are in good Health but also confirm that a biological profile does not present abnormal values related to a possible doping.

The QUARTZ Event Program adapts according to what you want to set up on your Event.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an “à la carte” option.

A real service for your participants

When we ask participants when was their last health check-up with medical analyzes, we quickly realize that it is often several years, isn't it ...? A simple blood test can give a lot of information on your Health and can identify fatigue states or deficiencies. The paradox is that many participants invest in their equipment, pay attention to their lifestyle but unfortunately very few perform regular medical check-up to know if everything is fine!

A complete solution

You can propose this service as a paid option to your participants or decide to offer some to funding directly or indirectly through bibs solidarity. Once this option is proposed during registration, you have nothing more to do as an Organizer; everything is managed by our Team. Your participants will receive an SMS alert and an email within 30 days before the start of your Event that contains all the information needed to do a blood test anywhere in the world. The participant goes to a laboratory of his choice with his smartphone, do the blood sample and backs home. He has nothing to pay on site. Within 7 days after this blood sample, he will be able to find all his results in his Health Space with a comment and indications to follow. This is the Program QUARTZ Event level 1 .

To preserve the Ethics of your Event

The QUARTZ Event Level 2 Program is made for the Organizers who want to concretely preserve the Ethics of their competition. It is more turned to the Elite athletes. Like all Regular athletes, these Elite athletes will be first invited to create their Health Space. We will then manage biological analysis in the 30 days before AND also on site the day before the Start. It will allow, in the same time, to protect their Health but also to contribute to a real CLEAN sport. In case of an abnormal biological profile our Medical Commission can pronounce a "no start rule" for Health reasons. In this situation,as indicated in Article 5.8 of the World Anti-Doping Code, all such information for the Elite athletes concerned can be share with the anti-doping Organization to better target their doping controls.

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