QUARTZ Original Program

A first step as an Organizer for simply more security on your event

The safety of all is your first priority as an event organizer and yet you do not know the medical condition of your participants! In many countries, the medical certificate is not mandatory. In addition, the medical certificate drawn up 6 months ago does not show the current state of health of a participant; if he had an operation of the heart three months ago you do not know it. In the same way, if a participant has allergies to a drug, is epileptic or diabetic, you do not know either. Serious accidents happen much more often than we think and if all means have not been implemented, it is you as the Organizer who will be held criminally responsible.

A quick set up

In a 100% automated way on your site or registration platform or via a simple link sent in a newsletter, each participant can create their free health space and then declare all their medical information in a 100% secure way on our platform translated into 8 languages! Based on the reported medical information, a list of participants with a risk profile will be forwarded before the start of the event to your Medical Director. During the event, your medical team can consult in real time the health areas of your participants and improve their care in case of medical problem.

Essential protection

Access during the event to each participant's health space allows medical teams to save valuable time and improve care.

Additional services

From our platform we can also collect and manage the validation of your medical certificates, know the insurance subscribed or not by the participants, interface with the Logicoss software for coordination of health and safety operations, manage specific exams ... and many more things; Just ask us!

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