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There are several ways to support an athlete or a team for example by offering a jersey game, contributing to the travel or overhead of a club but also to the scale of professional sports by investing heavily with the key research an optimal image return.

These different strategies are common to many companies, and if ultimately they provide the support sought for the club or the athlete, they are very innovative for the company with a low return on investment.

Sponsorship Solution 3.0: 
The QUARTZ Biological Tracking Offer 

We offer you as a company a unique and innovative form of sponsorship by offering a biological monitoring to your athletes.

Indeed, more than 90% of athletes do not have access to a biological health monitoring that would allow them to identify states of fatigue or possible deficiencies, and of course to detect certain diseases.

If you already support athletes you can offer them to integrate the QUARTZ program and to cover the full cost of this biological monitoring. If you do not know who to support, we will be able to submit names of elite athletes looking for partners. 

The logo of your company will then be displayed at the level of the health area of ​​supported athletes and visible by all if they make their profile public.

This biological monitoring is funded by a donation of 2000 euros to the Ultra Sports Science Foundation (USS) .

On this amount of 2000 euros, your company benefits from a tax reduction of 66% which is only 680 euros of real cost for your company. 
It’s a tax cut and not a tax credit; that is, if your company does not pay taxes it will not be reimbursed for this amount. 
The USS Foundation then gives us 1600 euros and uses 20% (400 euros) for other projects in the sport. Of the 1600 euros collected about 60% is used to pay directly all the analyzes in the different laboratories and 40% for all the running costs.

For more details on this biological monitoring you can consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section .

The process

  1. You make a donation of 2000 euros to the Ultra Sports Science Foundation 
    but the real cost for your company is only 680 euros / year.

  2. For 1 year the athlete you support benefits from a premium biological monitoring with between 6 and 10 complete analyzes per year .

  3. The athlete can make his public profile on which appears the logo of your company .


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